How to Submit Post Content for Review and Approval

If you have accepted a brand collaboration campaign, chances are you will be requested to submit the post you have created for review. Many brands follow a strict review process before the campaign goes live; this is an essential step to maintain quality standards. This short tutorial will teach you how to submit your post content for review and approval by the brand.

To do so, open the brand collaboration email (titled “Opportunity Alert”) and navigate to the Statement of Work (SOW) page. Next, hove to Action Items on the top right corner of the page, and select “Submit Post Content/Link for Review“. Here, you can copy and paste your post content or the link to the post video/image.

Watch the video for a quick demo.


Once you have uploaded your post content, we will share it with the brand for review and approval. To avoid back and forth, it is a good idea to check the post is of high-quality and adheres to the campaign task instructions.

We hope you find this information useful and wish you success with your brand collaboration!

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