The tasks will include collaborating with brands to create content across various social media platforms, they may include:

  • Twitter: Initiate conversations about the brand and its product or service in the form of tweets with relevant hashtags.
  • Blog Posts: Create content through engaging blog articles for brands which your followers can relate to.
  • Instagram posts & youtube/vine videos: Content creation in the form of pictures or short videos.

You can choose to get paid in cash (Direct transfer via NEFT) or in kind (Electronic Gift Vouchers). The payment will be directly credited to your Wallet by the brand if you’ve chosen to be paid in cash.

No additional charges will be levied unless specified. Withholding taxes (TDS) will be deducted in your payments. Respective certificates (Form 16A) will be issued.

Once you sign up with GetEvangelized, you can set your own prices for every piece of content that you create i.e per tweet, blogpost, video etc. This price can either be negotiable or non-negotiable. After you and a brand have come to a mutual price for performing an activity for the brand’s campaign, an invoice will be automatically generated by our platform and will be sent to you on your email address. The invoice can be also be accessed on your dashboard.

If you are eligible for service tax, you can share your service tax number with us.

You are a creator if you have built an engaged community around your passion. A creator can be anyone from a food/tech blogger to a musician or a bollywood star.

GetEvangelized currently works with brands from various industries which include: E-Commerce, Fashion, Technology, Finance, Food, Automobiles to name a few. You can share your interests and preferences with us and based on that we will share relevant opportunities with you.

Yes you do have the right to turn down an opportunity/ brand if it doesn’t align with what you do, if you don’t believe in the brand’s product/service or if you are unhappy with the compensation offered.

You will be charged a service fee that ranges between 8%-20% of your earnings. This will be charged only when you successfully complete your deliverables and earn the payout.

Payment will get credited to your wallet as soon as the brand approves your deliverables. Payments will be credited to your bank account every 30 days subject to a minimum wallet balance of INR 2500.

Compensation is mutually decided by you and the brand. You can share your expectations with us. However, compensation is a function of size of the community, engagement levels and relevance to the brand’s theme. If you’re unsure, we will analyse your profile and suggest a ballpark basis your peer group’s compensation.