Testimonial By Creators

GetEvangelized is the only agency who I’ve never had to chase for payments. All their employees are wonderful people and always go out of their way to make sure I get what I need.

Neha YadavBlogger

What I like about GetEvangelized is the fact that they use observation and psychological frames to bracket people which would help in returns. It is run by people who understand both sides of the coin and will not shortchange either.

Anaggh DesaiEntrepreneur & Marketeer

As a user, it’s pretty easy ! No complications and information is very clear ! That aspect, I think, makes GetEvangelized the best !

Sharanya NatrajanSinger, Recording Artist, Performer

What I love about Get Evangelized is the specificity of your marketing communication. The content is tailor-made for your audiences. In a world filled with internet-addicts suffering from Attention Deficiency Disorder, there is zero tolerance for SPAM. Thank you for your excellence in keeping the junk out of social media and in making content more relevant to our behavioral patterns, and lifestyles in general. At Get Evangelized, they don’t bash what’s wrong. They promote what’s right. Black stays black. White stays white.

2 BlueSinger, Writer, Actor, RJ

GetEvangelized is great at not just creating social influence through celebrities but other influencers as well, which makes their approach more relatable. It has added a new dimension to my career, that of a social influencer as a celebrity.

Archana VijayaVJ, Presenter