You can find creators who have built a large community across different social media platforms like twitter, instagram, vine, blogs etc. Some of our creators include popular bollywood stars, musicians, comedians, sportspersons, chefs, fashion designers etc.

Tasks include content creation in the form of:

  • Tweets/Facebook Posts: initiating conversations about your brand, using relevant hashtags and links to your product/service
  • Blog Posts: creating content in the form of engaging blog articles
  • Instagram Posts & Vine/YouTube Videos: Taking pictures and shooting short videos for your brand.

Once you have created and saved the list, the creators will receive a notification about the opportunity with the description. They then have the following options:

  • Accept it, if they are happy with your brand, compensation and tasks to be completed. Once they have accepted the offer, you can then send them the action items of the campaign
  • Reject it, if they don’t relate to your brand, not comfortable with the expected tasks or content.
  • Renegotiate the offer you initially sent them.

Different creators will have different budgets depending on the following factors:

  • Popularity of the creator/account
  • The Content they share
  • Followers/Reach their account has
  • Number of posts/size of each post

So the total cost of the campaign will include the number of creators you have selected and the number of posts that you require them to create.

GetEvangelized will provide you with a detailed report once a campaign/engagement has ended which will include:

  • Campaign Brief
  • Number of participants
  • Number of posts
  • Content of all the posts
  • Potential Reach/Impressions
  • Number of likes/favourites/retweets/shares on each post
  • Target vs Achieved
  • Campaign Highlights

A Creator is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms. ​This can be anyone from a food/tech blogger who has built a large community to a singer or a bollywood star.

Creators can help you reach your target audience by publishing content where your brand’s theme is intertwined with their stories and personalities.

Depending on your target audience, the content you wish to share and your product/service , you can activate a campaign by engaging creators on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube or blog posts.

Once you sign up with GetEvangelized, you can chose to create a campaign by filling a ‘Campaign Creation’ form from your account’s dashboard. This form is intended to capture the objective, budget, intended activities to be performed, platform, target audience, etc of your campaign, which will help us find suitable content creators for your campaign. After you have filled the form, your request will be sent for approval to our team. Alternatively, you can also chose to save the form as a draft. After your request has been approved by us, you can proceed to find relevant content creators for your campaign.

Once your brand signs up with GetEvangelized, you can access the dashboard by logging in. You can then follow these steps to reach out to the right creators:

  • Fill up the “Create Campaign” form with your requirements. This will include the campaign brief, the objective, number of influencers needed, social media platforms to be used etc. You can save this form as a draft to be edited later or you can click submit.
  • Once your form has been approved by us, you can start creating lists and selecting creators based on your requirements by shortlisting on the basis of platform (twitter, instagram, youtube, vine etc), Number of followers, Interests/Expertise (Foodies, Techies, Travel Enthusiasts, Fashion etc) & Cost per post.
  • You can choose to create multiple lists with different sets of creators.
  • If you simply want to create a list of creators, and not run a campaign, you can do that as well by saving the list as a draft.

Once the creators have completed the tasks, you can release the payments to them directly through your wallet.

Although this is a risk associated with the business, such occurrences are rare. We help you find the best creators based on past ratings, but in case a creator does back out at the last minute, you have the option of giving him/her a negative rating and prevent them from showing up in future search results.

You can log into GetEvangelized, access your dashboard and check the campaign report to find out if a task has been completed or not.