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Create Campaign

Select social platforms to spread your story. Set your budget, schedule, target reach and audience.

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Find creators by location, gender, engagement, area of influence and total reach. Assign tasks and discuss pricing to engage creators.

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Multiple Creators publish content where your brand’s theme is intertwined with their stories and personalities.

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Manage workflow with real-time updates, automated reminders and messaging. Measure impact and manage payouts.

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Sophie Choudry

Tisca Chopra

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Anaggh Desai

Samir Kochhar

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Enlist Yourself

Connect your social network accounts that you wish to monetize. Describe your profile and preferences.

Get Opportunities

Get discovered by brands. Receive offers for social media tasks. Discuss deliverables and compensation.

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Complete your creator tasks, receive quick payouts and earn ratings based on your content and resulting engagement.

People Talk. Word Spreads

Shaze + Grey Worldwide

Really appreciate the quick turn around and the enthusiasm with which the celebs were on-boarded. GetEvangelized did not only line an impressive list of influencers, but got them to participate in all that was asked. We think this (Shaze launch) is one of the most unique twitter KOL campaigns.

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Truly Madly

GetEvangelized has a great network and rapport with influencers and a fairly broad range not limited to movie or cricket celebs. They have been been instrumental in getting us to work with a broad spectrum of celebs that match the brand both on twitter and even getting a bunch of writers as celeb bloggers.

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Archana Vijaya (Presenter, VJ)

GetEvangelized is great at not just creating social influence through celebrities but other influencers as well, which makes their approach more relatable. It has added a new dimension to my career, that of a social influencer as a celebrity.

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2 Blue (Singer, Actor, Writer, RJ)

In a world filled with internet-addicts suffering from Attention Deficiency Disorder, there is zero tolerance for SPAM. Thank you GetEvangelized, for your excellence in keeping the junk out of social media and in making content more relevant...

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